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Procedure NameImport Permit for Biological Materials


Biological Materials Import Permit

Responsible Agency       

National Health Research Authority
Address: University Teaching Hospital, Pediatric Centre of Excellence,

                 P.o Box 30075 Lusaka, Zambia.

Phone: +260 211 250309


Legal base of the Procedure

The National Health Research Act, 2013 & The Public Health Act, 1930


Fee Units

Cost (ZMW)

Application to transfer biological materials (students)



Application to transfer biological materials (Locally funded protocol)



Application to transfer biological materials ( International funded protocol)



Required Documents


Type of information



Material Transfer Agreement (Application Form)

Documents necessary for the application
2 Application fee Proof of payment
3 Copy of Intellectual property rights/ rights to authorship


*For sequential shipments, a researcher should provide a shipment report for each shipment made.

Process Steps

Step 1

The Applicant proceeds to complete the application form, he/she must also gather all supporting documentation.

Step 2

The Applicant then deposits the prescribed fee into the authority's bank account and submits application form with supporting documents to the National Health Research Authority (NHRA).

Step 3

The authority then issues a GRZ receipt which is collected by the applicant.

Step 4

The authority then reviews the application and gives conditional or complete approval to successful applicants, and rejection to unsuccessful applicants.

Step 5  Given conditional approval, an applicant resubmits a Material Transfer Agreement (application form) after addressing all issues raised.
Step 6  The authority then proceeds to sign an approved Material Transfer Agreement which is then collected by the applicant.
Step 7 Finally, the applicant submits the shipment report to the authority.


The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Material Transfer Agreement Form for import of biological materials07-02-202007-02-2020National Health Research AuthorityThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Import Permit Requirement for Cultures or Pathogenic Micro-OrganismsPermit RequirementNational Health Research AuthorityIn order to import into Zambia any culture or preparation of any pathogenic micro-organism or other material capable of causing disease in man, a person must be in possession of written permission from the Director of Medical Services therefor. No cultures or pathogenic micro-organisms can be imported into Zambia without lawful authority.The Public Health Act, 193009-09-9999Good
Import Permit requirement for Biological MaterialsPermit RequirementNational Health Research AuthorityNo person shall import biological materials without the prior written approval of the National Health Research Authority.A permit is required to import biological materials.The National Health Research Act, 201309-09-9999Good