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Procedure NameImport permit for Animal Stocks,Animal Carcasses, Articles or other Animal matter


Import Permit for stocks, carcasses, articles or other matter

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Fisheries and  Livestock

Address:  The Permanent Secretary,

                  Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock,

                  Mulungushi House,

                  P O Box 50060,



Legal base of the Procedure

The Stock Diseases Act, 1963


Associated Permits, Licences Etc.


Validity Period

Import Permits

ZMW 52.50

30 Days

Import and Transit Permit


Minimum cost of an import permit (5 domestic animals or less)

ZMW 100.00

6 Weeks

Consignment of animal products up to 20 kgs (except for semen, embryos or medicaments)

ZMW 100.00

6 Weeks


Large ruminants (cattle, horses, and similar animals) per consignment not exceeding a truck load of 50 animals

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Small ruminats; goats, sheep (per consignment not exceeding a truck load of 400 animals)

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Small animals: dogs, cats, tortoise/ornamental fish and other similar animals (per consignment not exceeding 100 animals)

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Poultry (per consignment not exceeding 100,000 birds)

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Livestock products and stock feed (per consignment not exceeding a truckload of 30MT)

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Semen and embryos per consignment

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Import Related Inspections

Establishment/Plant inspections (abattoir, processing, any other)

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Quarantine/Farm (premises) inspection

ZMW 250.00

6 Weeks

Required Documents


Type of information



Application Form

Documents necessary for the application
2 Sanitary Certificates/Permit
3 Proof of payment of the processing fee

Process Steps

Step 1

The trader must make a request for product importation status from the receiving officer. If the product importation is approved, the receiving officer then issues an application form.

Step 2

The Trader completes and submits an application form along with the relevant supporting documents. 

Step 3

 The approving section processes the application and approves it. 

Step 4

The applicant pays the processing fee and is issued with a receipt. 

Step 5

The issuing section processes the application and issues the Import Permit.

Step 6 

A copy of the permit and related information are kept for record-keeping.

Step 7 The applicant proceeds with the next steps to import the goods. 


The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Application for a Fisheries and Livestock Import Permit08-11-201908-11-2019Ministry of Fisheries and LivestockThis is Dowload File
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